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Whole Body and Oxygen

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

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Dr. Mandfred von Ardenne of Germany made numerous health discoveries with the use of oxygen during exercise. Dr. von Ardenne was probably Otto Warberg’s prize student. Warberg who received the 1931 Nobel Prize for proving that cancer can only grow in an oxygen-starved environment or anaerobic. Manfred went on to do approximately 150 studies combining exercise with extra oxygen. He called it Oxygen Multistep Therapy, today referred to as Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)..

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is exercising while you breathe higher concentrations of oxygen. It is powerful, antiaging, and is for everyone. Right now, you are breathing approx. 21% O2. During exercise, breathing higher oxygen levels provides an immediate increase in strength, endurance, and energy. You are able to burn more calories in the same 15, 20 or 30 minute workout, increasing your ability to move oxygen into all tissues of the body. Increasing your oxygen levels can offer amazing metabolic & immune function improvement. Most diseases thrive in low oxygen environments. The healthful benefits of EWOT are to keep the body highly oxygenated reducing the risk of many diseases.

EWOT does not require a prescription. No oxygen tanks to pay for each month. All you need is an oxygen generator which takes room air and removes the nitrogen, providing up to 95% pure oxygen. Simply wear LiveO2 mask to enrich the air you breathe during exercise. Healthful benefits of EWOT can be achieved with just two to three simple 15 minute aerobic workouts per week.

About Oxygen: What are the first thing ER technicians put on your face after a major injury? An Oxygen mask. Did you suddenly forget how to breathe the air everyone else is? Are you unable to get enough oxygen because you're injured (assuming your lungs are ok)? None of the above. Oxygen reduces the stress your body will endure. Stress is an oxygen killer. Lack of oxygen kills cells and slows down brain function and other organs. If a cell is deprived of oxygen, it dies. If the cells die, you slowly start to die. If this happens often enough, you begin to age (and fast). In fact, cancer thrives in oxygen poor environments. So why do you need to increase the oxygen during exercise? Isn't exercise the way to a long healthy life? Yes and no. Consistent strenuous exercise requires a great deal of oxygen. Your body burns the existing oxygen in your red blood cells, regardless of how much you are breathing in. You are using far more oxygen than you are taking in. Your oxygen levels (pO2), measured in millimeters of mercury, and should be between 85 and 100 depending on your age. Many doctors will advise that your low score "... is normal for your age." It's true that it's normal, but it's only normal because 99% of people don't know that it doesn't have to be low and you can keep it high where it belongs! It is the single easiest step you can take to help prevent cancer, premature aging, illness and more.

Advantages of Oxygen Therapy:
  1. Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells;
  2. Help inhibit age-related diseases and chronic fatigue;
  3. Help slow down the process of aging;
  4. Improve mental and physical stamina;
  5. Facilitate weight loss;
  6. Stimulate immune function.

    oxygen therapy

The bottom line is that oxygen is vital to every physiological function of the human body. It does not matter if you are a Navy Seal, Olympic Athlete or a person with many health challenges, you will benefit greatly from washing your cells with oxygen. Nothing will distance a person further from death than oxygen because it is the giver and sustainer of life.


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